GIVEAWAY: 5th Anniversary & Belated Father's Day, 3 Lucky Winners

GIVEAWAY: 5th Anniversary & Belated Father's Day, 3 Lucky Winners




Dear friends, it's time to spice up your life a bit! Join our NucBox G5 Giveaway 🎊



GMKtec NucBox G5: 3 Units



🌟How to enter🌟

1. Like the post

2. Share the post

3. Like our accounts







4.Tag 5 of your friends to join

5. Comment with #GIVEAWAY #nucboxg5 #minipc #GMKtec

***Join via a random social account is fine, and if you join from multiple accounts, then you stand a higher chance of winning.


⏰Event time⏰

June 18-June 30, 2024, hurry up and good luck!


👏Special Benefits👏

All participants will receive a mysterious coupon and enjoy exclusive discounts when shopping in the future on our website



Winners will be announced on July 4th, so stay tuned!


Thanks for your participation and we wish you the best of luck~


GIVEAWAY #GiftYourManAMiniPC #5thAnniversary #nucboxg5 #n97



**It has been so long since we wrote a blog post, or organized a GIVEAWAY, if there's anything that's not quite right in the process, we hope you could provide us with your feedback, and we will work on this as we move along, thanks for your time and understanding.


Dated 2024-06-20



Dear participants,

First of all, we sincerely thank every friend for their enthusiastic participation and support. Your every enthusiasm and every participation is the greatest encouragement to us.

In this mini PC gift event, we deeply felt everyone's enthusiasm and expectations, but at the same time we also realized that the actual effect of the event did not meet our expectations, which made us deeply regretful. We are well aware that the success of an event requires not only careful planning, but also everyone's joint participation and efforts. Therefore, in the face of the current situation, we decided not to give up easily, but to give this event a second chance, in order to bring everyone a richer and more interesting experience.

For this reason, we decided to extend the time of this event to the whole of July. We believe that by extending the event time, we can attract more friends to participate and give more friends the opportunity to enjoy the fun of the event. At the same time, we will also optimize and adjust the event accordingly based on everyone's feedback and suggestions to ensure the smooth progress of the event and everyone's satisfaction.

Here, we sincerely invite more friends to join our event, let us enjoy the fun brought by technology together and create beautiful memories together. At the same time, we also thank everyone for their patience and understanding. Your support is our driving force for progress.

Let's work together and look forward to a more exciting event. Thank you again for your support and participation, and look forward to seeing you at the event!

Best wishes


Updated on June 29