GMKtec Celebrates 5th Anniversary with Flash Sale+Special Offer+GIVEAWAY

GMKtec Celebrates 5th Anniversary with Flash Sale+Special Offer+GIVEAWAY


Dear friends,

How time flies!

June 2024 is a big month for GMKtec, as it’s a joyful milestone, indicating GMKtec has gone through a 5-year-journey. We couldn’t do this without all of your support, big or small, step by step, we make it~


As a token of saying thank you for your tremendous support, our official website has set up the “5th Anniversary Flash Sale”, this promotion will be applied on all models, making the final price as low as possible. Besides the flash sale, “Special Offer” is on to help save more on buying more units per order, and this will be limited to specific models so far, currently, the G5, G3, M5, K6, K8. When you buy 3 units, 5 units, 8 units, 10 units, an extra discount will be applied at checkout, and the discount on each model will vary.


On top of that, a special “You’re Lucky 2 GIVEAWAY” is also in the line. For each customer, if you order over $500 in June, it can be separate orders exceeding $500 in total, or a single order over $500, there’s a chance to win a GMKtec NucBox G5, a very small, design-friendly mini pc, and it has packed sufficient power to meet your daily needs for work and play.

It’s responding very well, check it out:


How our mini pcs can benefit users in their daily lives?

G Series--Entry Level

Light Working, Digital Signage, online movies, Software router, monitor


Check out how GMKtec NucBox G3 can empower your life:



M Series-- Middle Level

Heavy working, Light Games, PS, CAD, etc.


Check out GMKtec NucBox M5:


K Series--High Level

High-performance purpose, Pro-E. 3D. Working station, video cut, heavy gaming, etc.


Read GMKtec NucBox K8’s review:


Head over to purchase with the available discount:

Intel Alder Lake N97 Mini PC--NucBox G5

NucBox G3--Most Cost-Effective Mini PC With Intel N100 Processor


AMD Ryzen 7 5700U Mini PC--NucBox M5 Upgraded version


AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS Mini PC--NucBox K6


AMD Ryzen 7 8845HS Mini PC--NucBox K8


Hope you enjoy the shopping~