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GMK OEM/ODM Business Sector

Established in 2019 and entered in OEM/ODM sector since then,
GMK has gained numerous success in great many custom industries -
E-government, medical, retail, education, real estate, hotel, banking and industrial.

Thanks to our rich experience and superior resources in the mini pc, portable monitor, desktop monitor, all-in-one pc, and associated accessories sectors, such as GaN charger, webcam, wireless keyboard and mouse combo etc., we can provide you the one-step customized service.

OEM/ODM Business Inquiry

If you are also in this fast-growing mini pc business and looking for a competitive factory/manufacturer to handle your ODM/OEM business, pls reach out and let us know how do you want to get the partnership up and running.

Summer Qiu |Brand Marketing & Sales Manager 

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Ivy | Sales Representative

Email: [email protected] 

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