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📣💐Our NucBox K1 has been picked out by CNET and rated as a Small but Mighty mini pc for your needs

GMKtec NucBox G1 review

An affordable NUC for light duties

This 4K Portable Touchscreen Monitor Works With Everything! HDMI/USB C

【持ち運べる大画面】あの最強モバイルモニターに15.6インチ版が出た!Nintendo Switchドック内蔵、薄さ4mmで4K対応。

[Large screen that can be carried] A 15.6-inch version is now available on that strongest mobile monitor! Built-in Nintendo Switch dock, 4mm thin and 4K compatible.

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Title: GMK Nucbox2 Review Mini PC Review Intel Core i5 With Iris Plus 655 GFX

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