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Delivery & Tracking
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Shipping Policy

If ships from US or JP to local customers, estimated delivery would be 1-3 days. 


Currently, we ship out orders via 2 International shipping methods from China --Priority worldwide shipping and faster Express shipping. Each of the shipping methods is chosen based on the real situation. The estimated times stated below are not guaranteed. An international package could experience delays due to various reasons, especially those out of control. 

Option 1. Express by DHL ( tax and duties may apply)

The estimated time of delivery is usually 3-7 days depending on the country. Includes detailed tracking and confirmation of delivery.

Please note:
For some remote areas, there may be an additional surcharge of US$ 35, which is not included in free shipping. 
If you are unsure whether your location is considered a remote area, we recommend contacting us to confirm.

Frequently Asked Questions in Remote Areas

What is a remote area?
Answer: Express companies do not directly serve or are in more remote areas. Different international express companies have different definitions of remote areas due to differences in opening outlets.
Why do international express such as DHL/UPS/FedEx/TNT charge a remote surcharge?
Answer: Providing services in some remote areas at home and abroad requires more manpower and material resources. Therefore, the remote area surcharge can more accurately reflect you the costs incurred in providing services in these areas.

Option 2. Priority shipping ( tax and duties may apply)

Some areas we could provide priority shipping service, the estimated time of delivery for each country is outlined in the table below. We offer EU/JP/ US/ CA / AU priority shipping free. 

United States: 1-2 Weeks, average 6 days;
(If shiped from US warehouse, 2-3 days)
Canada:2-3 weeks, average 10 days;
Brazil, Mexico,


France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Portugal, Poland, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Luxembourg, Sweden, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland,  Norway, Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania, Ukraine,  Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Cyprus, Latvia, Malta
: 2-3 Weeks, average 6-8 days;


HongKong  (1-2 days)

Japan / South Korea / Taiwan / Singapore / Thailand
: 5-10 Days , average 6 days;


Australia / New Zealand: 1-2weeks, an average of 8 days;


Israel: 1-2weeks, an average of 8 days


Saudi Arabia / South Africa: 1-2weeks, an average of 7 days

Tax and duties

 Pls note that tax and duties may apply to the shipping methods offered, and it varies on different countries and regions.  And we usually declare an item at a lower value. 


Please note: It can take up to 24 business hours for your tracking number to become active. In some cases, It may take up to 3 business days to update.


We are extremely sorry to our customers that's experiencing delays in the previous shipments, we understand how frustrating it can be. And as history proves, we made a bad choice with previous shipping methods and now we are paying the price. In order to make sure your order could be delivered sooner, we gave up the old shipping method and now we partner with a new shipping company using new shipping methods for that goal. 


Our store supports only one currency which is US Dollars. On payment, it gets automatically transferred to US dollars. Due to the currency exchange rates fluctuating almost daily, the prices in other currencies on our store at GMK is just for your reference. Final price might be a little bit higher or lower depending on the current dollar rate.

Order confirmation

After you place your order, you will receive an email with your order confirmation.
After your order processes, you will receive another email with tracking information and you will soon be able to track your order.


1.All orders ship from our warehouse in China within 1-3 business days unless stated otherwise. Please allow 1-3 days of processing time. Some items may require a longer ship-out and/or delivery timeframe. We will notify you immediately about the expected delivery timeframe, with the option of canceling your order for a full refund.

2.We will ship the product with the correct power voltage selection and adapter according to your country in shipping address. If your requirement is different with your country standard, please email us at [email protected] or chat with us at Shopify Chat.


If the product has been shipped, the customer cannot cancel the order unless the customer pays for the cost of sending the package back.
Individual areas may require customers to work with customs clearance, otherwise, the goods will be returned or destroyed due to being overdue, and incur high costs. Please note that if you do not handle customs clearance, our company will not take any responsibility or bear the cost.


IMPORTABLE NOTE: (The new rules came into force on 1 July 2021.)
The VAT exemption at the importation of small consignments of a value up to EUR 22 has been removed. This means all goods imported in the EU are now subject to VAT.

See details here:

The 27 member countries of the EU:

How we react to minimize the effect of the VAT changes?
All the customers from EU member countries can choose the EU Union version of our device, in this way, the product being purchased will already be imported and taxed appropriately with the customs procedure already finished.

(Note: if you choose the EU version over the EU Union version as it should be, pls note that your order is eligible to be voided or deducted the free gifts if there's any)